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Flood Insurance

You may think you don't need flood insurance, but you probably do.

Just because you don’t live in a high flood risk area, doesn’t mean a flood will never occur. We’ll provide the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home from rising waters—even if you’re not in a flood zone.

In our changing environment, flooding is a potential risk everywhere, and the damage can be devastating.

Homeowners insurance usually does not cover many types of flooding, and usually this coverage needs to be purchased separately. 

For most homeowners, floods are a low-likelihood but high-cost risk. If you are hit by flooding you could lose many or most of your personal possessions, face major reconstruction work, and be left homeless for months while your property is made habitable again. In most cases, not having flood insurance is a chance you simply can’t afford to take.

Contact us and we’ll help explain the benefits of obtaining a separate flood insurance policy.

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