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Homeowners Insurance

Insurance for your most important investment.

Homeowners insurance can help protect you from the unexpected. If your home is damaged, your belongings are stolen or someone gets injured on your property, it can help cover repairs or replacement, temporary housing, legal fees and more.


Not all homeowner's insurance is created equal.  Do you have all the coverages you need to deal with unexpected events?  Does your insurer have a reputation as a fair settler of claims?  Get the right policy and you’ll take care of the risks of owning a house, and the risks of having inadequate insurance.

Finding the right homeowners insurance policy for your unique needs can seem overwhelming. Rest assured, we can help make things a bit simpler by creating a homeowners insurance policy that gets you the proper coverage for your house at the right price.

When reviewing your home insurance options, consider the following coverages:

  • Fire

  • Personal Property / Contents

  • Property Damage

  • Additional Living Expense / Loss of Use

  • Jewelry, Fine Arts & Collectibles

  • Medical Expenses

  • Personal Liability

  • Miscellaneous Coverage

  • Personal Injury

  • Umbrella

  • Excess Liability Coverage

  • Flood Coverage

  • Secondary Home

  • Collectible Cars

  • Wine Collection

  • Water Back-Up

  • Off Premises Theft

Contact us for a free insurance quote now.

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