Shannon O'Toole

Protecting You is What I Do....For Less!

With 35 years’ experience in the insurance industry working with local businesses and personal clients, I have seen it all.

 It’s my 60 years of living life, however, that has prepared me to be the resource you need to help you live yours with the coverage that fits you. 


I’m blessed with two grown, adult children and five grandchildren.  I have personally experienced life as a single mother on a budget, the angst of having teen drivers in the household and the stress of preparing for the unforeseen and all of life’s ‘what-ifs’.  One lesson I have learned is that life is static and always evolving; So are your insurance needs. 


Whether you are personally preparing for the next stage of life, or growing your business, you need a partner, not just an agent.  You need someone to help manage your evolving needs as you grow.  This is where I add the most value because I’ve lived it and chances are, I’ve insured it.


Haven’t heard from your agent in a while?  Call me for at (814) 368-5312 Ext 102 for a free portfolio appraisal before paying that renewal.